Miss Nigeria –  Crowned Miss Africa Arizona 2018

Titles, Projects, Accomplishments:  
  • Winner of Miss Africa Arizona 2018 

  • Platform: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made- Women of Value

  • Learning Lounge Science LEAD (tutor)

  • September 2017-present 

  • Member of the GCU Honors College 

  • 2015-present 

  • GCU Life Leader Position 

  • 2016-2017 school year

  • President of Liberty High School S.A.V.E (Students Against Violence Everywhere) Club

  • 2011-2015 

  • Beta Gamma Debutante- Member of the Les Femmes Douze Debutante  

  • June 2014-November 2014 

  • United States Senator Harry Reid: Certificate of Commendation

  • November 2014

  • African American Scholar Recognition  2013-2014 school year

Queen Adesuwa Osayaren


Adesuwa Osayaren is attending Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona studying her undergrad in Bachelors of Science in Biology with an Emphasis in Pre-Medicine. She hopes to one day become a heart surgeon. Adesuwa loves to be involved in my community whether it be volunteering or singing in her church choir. She is very outgoing, outspoken and loves to use her voice in a positive manner to encourage others as well as make people laugh. When it comes to clubs on campus, Adesuwa is a member of the African Student Association, which promotes empowering students to achieve academically, as well as spreading cultural awareness throughout the community. Adesuwa is the first and current title holder of Miss Africa Arizona 2018 and she uses her platform to be an example for young people who are struggling to accept and love who they are. 

When Adesuwa’s father was 18, he came to America to study pharmaceuticals and his doctorate degree. Once he became a doctor, every year he visited his home to meet his parents in West Africa, Nigeria. In 1991, Adesuwa’s father visited his parents again while her mother was in her final year in college reading business administration. Her mother was on Winter Break when she came home to see her parents from school and she was invited to a Christmas party. Coincidentally, her father was invited to the same party and that was where they met. Her father went back to America, came back in a years’ time and in November 1st, 1992 they were married in a traditional wedding. In December, her father went back to the states and applied for her mother’s K-1 visa (fiancé visa); in a matter of time her mother was able to come to America by the end of January to meet her father. In April of 1993, they had their white wedding and on December of 1993 their first child was born. Adesuwa is the third child out of the six children in the family. Both of her parents had to work hard and adapt the norms of this country in order to raise this large yet precious family.   

Adesuwa was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, and although she wasn’t raised in Africa, she was raised with Nigerian morals and traditions in her household. Education is held high in her family with her parents constantly reminding her “Education is the key to your future.”

Interesting Facts about HER

I am the first generation to come to America because my parents really wanted me to get the best education possible for my future. I stand for love loving Christ with all my heart mind and soul as well as loving others as myself. I speak up in wisdom to those around me and for their rights. I love to use my voice to uplift and praise others. I love taking pictures of nature and/or people and drawing on my free time and my name means “In the midst of prosperity”.
Platform Tile: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made-Women of Value
Why she Chose This Platform:
 In this world today, there is so much pressure on women to look and act a certain way.Because of this pressure we tend to overlook the God given beauty that we were born with. With constant input from the media, the internet, and our peers, it is easy to lose our sense of identity trying to be something that we are not. My platform, Fearfully and Wonderfully Made was  formed to inspire African women young and old to embrace their roots which includes; who they are, where they are from, and what they look like. This platform serves to help build confidence,a sense of worth, and self-love to African women and empower them to embrace their beauty by loving themselves and loving those around them. To do this I will set up workshops and have guest speakers come in to share their own experience as African women here in America who have struggled to love themselves in the midst of a society that has such harsh standards of beauty. I chose this platform because I know personally in the past I have struggled with my identity because of the way I looked and the way people treated me in high school. Since I was bullied in high school for my color, I started to hate myself and the way I looked. It wasn’t until I went through some personal healing with the Lord that I was able to truly understand the beauty I was given. It was a unique type of beauty that was never meant to be like everyone else’s. That is why till this day I don’t wear makeup, wigs, weaves, or anything of the sort to cover up my natural beauty. I wear my natural hair out because it is my own personal crown that no one can take away. This platform stands as a gateway for other women especially youth to embrace how they look instead of trying to fit in with society’s standard.